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About Camel Safari

A camel safari is the perfect way to discover desert regions – especially areas as historically and culturally rich as Rajasthan. Ensconce yourself contentedly on the back of an ungulate and admire the sand dunes around you extending for miles – as far as your eye can see. Not for nothing is the camel known as the ‘ship of the desert’; for centuries. A camel safari, then, makes for a magical journey, one unlike any other you’ll ever experience.
Best Season & Sites

In Rajasthan, the winter months (October to March) are ideal, while summer is the best time for a camel safari in Nubra Valley.

Rajasthan – Around Bikaner, Jaisalmer, Jodhpur (also Nagaur, Pushkar, Shekhawati)
Ladakh – Nubra Valley (from Hundar to Diskit)
CampFire At Night

A campfire is a fire at a campsite that provides light and warmth, and heat for cooking. It can also serve as a beacon, and an insect and predator deterrent. Established campgrounds often provide a stone or steel fire ring for safety. Campfires are a popular feature of camping. Some camps refer to the fire itself as a campfire fire.
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So what are you waiting, take your camera, bag and just drive by open jeep to see this art & craft and memorable journey to rural villages of rajasthan.