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About Ramdev Temple

Baba Ramdev Temple (also spelled Baba Ramdeo) is one of the most significant tourist and religious attractions of the city of Jodhpur. This temple is located on the route that commutes between Nagori and Jalori gates in Jodhpur. The temple is also known as the “Adhar Shila” and is situated on the top of a sandstone hill. It dates a long way back in the history of the place and has remained a potent attraction for millions of tourist coming to Jodhpur from various parts of the world.
Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park was created in 2006 to try and restore the natural ecology of a large, rocky wasteland next to Mehrangarh Fort in Jodhpur. It had suffered years of neglect and was overrun by baavlia (Prosopis juliflora), an invasive, thorny shrub introduced from central America almost a century ago. The challenge was to eradicate the baavlia and create a suitable home for native rock-loving plants that we would bring back from the desert.

Manak Chowk and Havelis

The Manak Chowk and Havelis is always full of life and vigor. The market is flooded with ethnic silver jewelries, highly decorative leather works, embroidered goods and antique pieces of traditional craft works of the region. Any tourist who visits the Jaisalmer Fort makes it a point to visit the local market of Manak Chowk.
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